September 2017: Asset Recovery with a Global Reach

Baker de Kluiver Launches Truly Global Asset Recovery Firm

On September 1, 2017 Stephen Baker, an English Barrister and Jersey Advocate, and Jack de Kluiver, a former U.S. Department of Justice official, launched Baker de Kluiver PLLC, in Washington, DC. Mr. Baker is a seasoned English Barrister and Jersey Advocate.  Mr. Baker has an impressive global asset recovery record, prosecuted and defended complex criminal matters, and is an expert trustbuster. Mr. de Kluiver is one of the world’s leading experts in asset recovery, international cooperation and anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism law. Baker de Kluiver is a boutique firm focused on asset recoveries for foreign sovereigns, victims of fraud, and high-net worth individuals or companies that have been cheated out there fair share of assets in marital or commercial disputes.

Asset Recovery

Baker de Kluiver and its sister firm Baker and Partners in the Bailiwick of Jersey will represent victims in asset recovery litigation in multiple jurisdictions at once giving clients better value and increased chances of success. Clients benefit from the Firm’s global outlook, rather than being forced to hire multiple lawyers with only a parochial expertise. Many asset recovery firms are unaware of a more holistic approach to asset recovery.  Baker de Kluiver will use civil and criminal tools so every client receives bespoke representation for the recovery of every asset no matter were the assets are located.

Baker and Partners is expanding its litigating presence into other International Financial Centers. In addition, Baker de Kluiver has strategic partnerships with asset recovery firms most key Financial Centers around the World. The Firm obtains the finest expert legal assistance for asset recovery in a coordinated manner.

Anti Money Laundering and Sanctions Advice

Baker Kluiver can also assist sovereign states as they navigate through the the demands created by international AML/CFT standards as set by the FATF.  The Firm also provides legal advice to U.S. and Foreign financial institutions on how to assess the AML/CFT risks when doing business with any nation.

Baker de Kluiver Launch: Asset Recovery with a Global Reach!